TruVision Review by Aundrea Ratcliff

I started TruVision Health on September 5, 2014. By the second day, I realized this stuff was gold. My appetite was curbed immediately! In fact, I went to order my month supply and decided to sign up instead. A week later, I’d lost seven pounds and sold out of my supply. I have lost 60 pounds now and gone from a size 18 to an 8. I have more energy and I’m happier. I call it my happy pill! It has definitely changed my life.”

TruVision Review by Aundrea Ratcliff“I now exercise, which I didn’t do for the first 40 pounds I lost. I just took two pills twice a day and drank water, nothing else. In December, I joined a gym. Once I started losing, I got my confidence back, I started feeling better about myself and I no longer have low self-esteem. I smile with my eyes and not just with my lips. And I exercise daily. I have the energy to do that. I’m doing things out of my norm, because why not? I’m 37 years old and doing things for myself. Mom’s got her groove back!”

“Now I just want to stay healthy; this is a lifestyle change. I want to help anybody and everybody who comes to me. I love helping people. I give tips daily. My phone never shuts off. Someone calls at 2 ‘o clock in the morning to ask about TruVision and I’m ready to answer. People come to me weekly and ask what I’m doing. I work in an office where I see 2000 customers a month. And every month, someone asks where I am. They don’t recognize me! It’s unreal. I look like a different person. I have not weighed or been this small in 12 years. It’s freeing. It’s an excitement I have never experienced before.”

“My business is growing. It’s small, but I’m getting there. I want to be able to stay at home with my children. As a single mom of three boys with one going to college soon, I want to be able to send him there. TruVision will help me do that. I manage a finance company and I’m here 12 hours a day, but I want to get to the point I can be at home doing homework with my children

-Aundrea Ratcliff

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  1. How long did it take u too lose 60 lbs….i need to lose 110 lbs how long would that take me? 🙁 thanks


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